04 août 2011

Part skills to recognized coach

Is to identify some of the best leather, because leather coach crossbody bag There was a thick smell of leather, and it is specially treated leather, so the taste and general leather is somewhat different. General imitation leather bag hard, large pores, it does not mean there will be some leather and some ups and downs of the situation. COACH curling at each bag will be carefully trimmed, shoulder strap, and so will the wax sealing, does not appear the phenomenon of rough edges. coach totes bags packages pay attention to work fine, uniform line of stitches feet, will not run simulation package line, short, jumper, pin spacing uneven or too wide, etc. Good brand of leather goods category are usually handmade. Leather bags (cloth) and leather (cloth) between the sewing to close and definitely not a new phenomenon of off-line.coach wallets sale Comes with dust bag is bound to, if not sent, then the clerk may have forgotten or out of stock, indicating that the Factory 2nd number is the work of several COACH factory factory

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